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I would like to invite you to apply for a complimentary Re-Pep my Step Discovery Call with me.

This call will help you if:

  • You have lost your energy, your motivation, your mojo.
  • And every day has started to feel the same because you have just about enough energy to get up, go to work and get home.  
  • You think you know what you “should be” doing to feel healthy but are just too tired to shop and cook so end up on the couch after work eating a ready meal.
  • You wonder if it is gluten or dairy or something that’s causing this feeling.
  • You wish you had the energy to get out and exercise.
  • And you are too tired and anxious to socialize.
  • You are constantly thinking “If I could just pull myself together”.
  • You wonder where the magic is gone and if this is all that life is about.  


It’s about taking 30 minutes of time out for yourself during which your health and emotional well-being issues are listened to and understood and to know that the expert advice you are getting is from the heart and has your best interest in mind.

The Call 

 A Re Pep my Step Discovery Call gives you the opportunity to speak with me for 30 minutes.  

The areas I focus on in the call are:  

  • Understanding where your exhaustion might be coming from.
  • Whether anything else either to do with your health or your environment is contributing to your lack of motivation and that “brain fog” feeling.
  • What you can do to reclaim your sparkle and begin living life fully again. 

The call is complimentary as it gives me an opportunity to understand how I can help you based on 17 years experience as a Naturopathic Kinesiologist. 

I am passionate about helping other women to be passionately themselves, to find the things in life that make you tick, bring you joy and to solve the health issues that get in the way of that happening. 

NB:  These sessions are available by application only so I can make sure I can help you.

However, only a certain number are available so I cannot guarantee you will get a call with me but I do reply to each and every application.   

What People Are Saying

Victoria has a wonderful positive energy that uplifts you even on the most difficult days.  Victoria’s level of support is outstanding and exceeded my expectations”
Angela Shine

Do it! It’s life changing, you are opened up to the wonders and magic of life again.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.  You are a truly loving, amazing person and practitioner.”
Orla O'Flaherty

“I have see real tangible physical changes. One year ago I had been prescribed medication for high blood pressure.  I no longer take medication. My severe IBS has dissappeared.  What Victoria has done for me has changed my life”
Emma Bowe

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