I love this time of year despite the colder mornings and evenings.
There’s a quitenening and relaxing in nature after all of the bustle and fun of the summer.
The season is changing though.  For us it’s time to get ahead of the autumnal health and wellbeing curve so you can manage your energy and vitality in the coming months.
I know it’s hard to let go of the summer!  But whether you have children or not, the “back to school” vibe can help you get back to routines and habits that support you.
Any of my clients will tell you I like to keep things simple and doable rather than aspirational when working on getting your energy and vitality back.
To sail through the coming cosiness of autumn focus on these 3 key areas:




Yes, it’s time to consider soup again!
Start eating warming foods such as porridge in the mornings and soups for lunch and add in warming spices such as cinnamon, ginger and tumeric.
Make soups from scratch and aim to use a bone broth as a base.
Bone broth is one of the best foods for your health. It s particularly healing for your gut and immune system.  If you stay tuned over the coming weeks, I’ll post a recipe.
And don’t forget clothes layers!  I don’t know about you put I hate having to put my socks back on.
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It’s very easy to get lulled by the remaining heat in the midday sun and deny the end of summer.
Layers you can pull on and off are now your friend and keep a pair of socks handy.
I know, I know it’s not rocket science but this is the time we get caught with coughs, colds and creaks in our neck for lack of layers!
 (Treat yourself to some new cosy throws for the evening rather then putting the fire back on)


Decide what soups, spices and healthy warming foods you are going to eat.  Make your shopping list so you have the right foods in the house to support your health and wellbeing.
Pick a time in the week, when you can make a big batch of soup to freeze so all you need to do is take it out of the freezer the night before.

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Get a movement/exercise routine.
Over the coming months, it is going to get cooler and darker and we will find ourselves getting stiff, sore and feeling down.
Seasonal effectiveness disorder (SAD) can kick in late September/October as sunshine levels decrease.  Now is the time implement strategies to lessen and even avoid this.
Exercise and movement are key to managing both body and mind aches and pains.  Pick exercise you know you will enjoy.
If exercise is another word for punishment for you, find fun ways to move – dance, sword fighting – whatever gets you going, literally!
And if being with other people helps, then pick a class or learn a new sport!  There’s no shortage of classes out there from zumba to yoga (and sword fighting).  If you start now rather then when it’s dark you’ll find it easier to stick to.

Don’t be afraid to join a gym now – find one that has the personal touch so you can ask for help or even just help being confident enough to go in!




There are certain herbs I would recommend taking and having in stock for the coming months.
Start taking Echinacea now for about a month. (It’s not effective to take Echinacea continuously so a month every few months is ideal).  Other great herbs, for ear and sinus problems – Plantago and for sore throat and chest – Ivy Thyme.
Have vitamin C with zinc in your medicine cabinet ready for sniffles.  Give your immune system a boost with a good quality multivitamin and mineral complex and consider an essential fatty acid supplement (omegas).
CBD oil is also very much worth considering particularly if SAD effects you.
It’s very much worth it to go into an independent health store and ask for advice and the adage you get what you pay for really does ring through here.
And of course always check with your primary health practitioner before taking treatments, embarking on new exercise etc, particularly if you are taking pharmaceuticals.

Nurture your heart and soul


If you nurture your body with warming foods and cosy layers and get into the routine of exercise and shopping to support your wellbeing, all that remains is to nurture your heart and soul.
This is the time of year when farmers and gardeners both harvest the summer crop and plant bulbs and seeds for the spring.   Plant your own inner seeds and consider taking up an evening class, learning a new skill or adding a habit like meditation to your daily routine.
Find something that draws your soul to it – no logic required.
We often fall it the false belief that if we just exercised and ate the right foods our health and vitality would come back. Unless your soul is on board and your heart is in it, it will feel like you are pushing a boulder up a hill.  So you really must nurture your heart and soul to get your health and life back on track.
For my clients one of the key areas we focus on is finding that thing that makes their soul sing – it doesn’t have to have a purpose beyond that.
Putting your time and energy into finding that will do more for your health than any gym session or bowl of soup!
However, when we experience daily health difficulties such as exhaustion, pain and depression it’s hard to connect to our heart or our soul.
So be gentle with yourself – start with warmth, then get into some routine and simply listen out for what your heart and soul might be saying.  If and when an action presents itself do it if you can.
Remember nature doesn’t rush and push all year round.  Now is the time to harvest the memories and lessons of the summer and to sow, to quieten, to get cosy, to follow nurturing, supportive routines that warm your body mind and soul.
With love,


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