Optimal Health Renewal Programs

Living Life Fully Again

Do you wish you could wake up every day feeling full of energy, optimism and vitality?  Do you feel exhausted, sick, anxious or low on a daily basis?  

Are you frustrated because your health and energy stops you living the vision you have for your life?


Optimal Health Renewal Programs

Living Life Fully Again
Do you wish you could wake up every day feeling not just NORMAL but FREE, HAPPY and FULL of ENERGY?

Do you feel exhausted, sick and low on a daily basis and FRUSTRATED because your health and energy stops you living the vision you have for your life?


Is this You?

  • Has fatigue, pain or anxiety taken over your life?  
  • Have you looked for an answer but cannot find why this is happening to you?
  • Do you sometimes feel as if you are just too sensitive?
  • Are you frustrated because your health and energy stops you from achieving your full potential? 
  • Do you wish you could just free the person on the inside so you can finally feel full of energy, happy and joyful on the outside? 

Optimal Health Renewal is about returning you back to the health and vitality you were born with by focusing on 3 key elements.

Your Body – treating YOU as a unique individual to identify what you actually need to repair YOU physically using the best of Mother Nature.

Your Heart and Mind – letting go of past and present stress, hurts and traumas gently and completely because happiness and self-esteem are so interlinked with health.

Your Soul  – learning just how wonderful you, your sensitivities, your gifts and your soul are and just how valuable and needed it is in the world! 

All you need is your health, happiness and confidence back…..

The Transformation

The thing that really drives and inspires me is the transformation in a woman whose health, energy and overall wellbeing is stopping her from living her full potential.

This is a woman who puts a brave face on things because she knows she has something to offer the world and there just has to be a solution.  Despite her frustration with her health and energy she is inspired to be free, to be kind and happy and to make a difference.

And that’s what I love!  Seeing an exhausted, sometimes despairing person take back control of her life and her health.

And my favourite part is when she steps onto her true path and puts her dreams and goals into action as confident, healthy woman, full of vitality and an inspiration to those around her

Work with Me

How Natural Health helps You

Do you often wake up feeling exhausted and frustrated with your own health and energy levels?

You feel sick and/or anxious and low and you wonder where your confidence and self-esteem has disappeared to.

You had a vision and hopes for your life and now getting enough energy and a clear head seems almost impossible!

What if you could find a way to rebalance and unlock your OWN body’s natural born ability to be healthy and well?

Re Pep my Step Discovery Calls

The Re Pep my Step Discovery are complementary and available to you if are sick and tired of waking up feeling sick and tired, wishing you could get your life back on track. You would like to understand how you can use natural health to get your energy, vitality and happiness back so you can pursue what you want in life. A very limited number of these are available each month and are available by application only.


Working with clients inspired me to create a pdf report which is available for free.  The “3 Key Steps to Natural Born Vitality” which gives simple advice on the both physical, nutritional and emotional steps to health.
What People Are Saying
Victoria you are a gifted practitioner who can connect with a patient on a physical, spiritual and soul level to relate back to the patient the underlying problems that have led to existing physical problems. In short you are one of life’s miracle workers”
Mary McCrann

“Victoria has a wonderful positive energy that uplifts you even on the most difficult days. Her intuitive nature, recognising that in order to move forward successfully, all levels of a human being must be addressed i.e. physical, emotional, mental and soul levels. Victoria’s level of support is outstanding and exceeded my expectation.”
Angela Shine

I felt stuck. I was in a neutral place and very resistant to change. I was overwhelmed with the day to day of life.  I wasn’t hugely hopeful.  The process helped me let go of my need to judge situations from the perspective of the past. It helped me let go of my need to punish myself and punish others for what happened.  Life is different now. I feel lighter, more confident – not as serious or as heavy. I am clearer in my mind. I’m living more in the now than ever.  Everything worked well.   The sessions were amazing. I find I am a better yoga teacher now – more spiritual and less focused on being right.  It has transformed my life and that no amount of money could actually pay for the effects of the process which are life changing and invaluable.  I could not speak any more highly of Victoria and Forgive the Past. I could never begin to account for all its blessings. Forgive the Past has an immediate effect and also has a cumulative effect. So even as I write I am considering work that I continue from the Forgive the Past process that is helping me on my journey.”

“What can I say this programme has changed my life. I struggled with anxiety and depression for years and was going to give up. I came across Victoria’s page and decided to contact her from the word go she put me at ease. She is so warm and kind and really cares. The programme she has created is a credit to her. It has changed my outlook on life and the tools she gives you are invaluable. I’m back to myself and have got my life back on track I still have bouts of anxiety, but I’m equipped to deal with it now thanks to Victoria. I cannot recommend her enough.”

Suzanne Galligan

“Emailing you today to thank you for all you have done for me since my first visit with you. I was not in a good place, remember. I was in that dark room with no doors, not a good place. As time went on and treatment received and remedies which l took from you, have taken me to a new level in life, with more outlook on life now, and now I can move on. So again thank you from the bottom of my heart. Only for you l don’t know what would have happened to me. So l take this moment to say l would forward your name on to anyone who could benefit your service. I highly recommend you Victoria. So anyone out there who feels like l felt in the start of my treatment, please don’t hold it in, get help, Victoria can help you. So Victoria thanks again for everything.”
Vincent Fox


“Do it! It’s scary and can be emotional but it’s also life changing. You are opened up to the wonders and magic of life. Thank you, Thank you,Thank you. You truly are a loving, amazing person and practitioner. I wish you all the joy in the world. xx”
Orla O'Flaherty

“I was always complaining of being very tired, little energy to do much other than work and sleep, did not want to socialise or make contact with others.  I feel lighter and free.  Able to live very much in the moment and enjoy it fully.  I have spent thousands on therapy and this brought me the peace I was looking for.  In grateful thanks for a calm mind and a loving heart.

Victoria is a wonderful practitioner who makes it feel very safe to be completely open and honest about any personal issues you may be experiencing.  I would say ‘do it!’, it really can only improve your life.  Thank you so much Victoria, it’s an amazing process and you do a wonderful job of holding a safe and sacred space.”

“Just thought I would give you an update.  I am delighted with the change in my health.  I get up everyday with no fear of being ill anymore… I am so happy after years of never knowing if I could make plans for each day.  Thank you for all your help”
Sinead Murphy

“Victoria is very friendly and puts you at ease. I found her methods of treatment very helpful she also has great empathy and is so passionate about her work. Victoria’s sessions are very different from the standard medical approach; I have definitely found them to be a huge benefit in comparison. She is a lovely person to talk to, you are relaxed and at ease at all times and I would highly recommend well her.”


“Although I work supporting people, I did not take much notice of myself. I was looking for some support for myself and was blessed to find Victoria and her program.  Victoria through the program helped me to stay focused. I really enjoyed the regular consultations with her and how even though I only met her once physically, this did not matter as I feel I know her and she knows me well.  I feel more self-aware now and this has led me to become more knowledgeable of what I want in my life and what I do not want.  Victoria’s flexibility and made the whole process extremely helpful, guilt free and easy for me.  I would say to anyone considering the program to go for it, it’s well worth the money and as the saying goes you’re worth it!  Thank you again for restoring my mojo!”
Ann Lacey

“Trying to explain the transformation I have gone through is not easy. But I’ll break it down as best I can.  Every adult goes through continual stress in their home life, jobs, & their daily interaction with people.   Whether we realise this or not, we build up negativity in our bodies.  As our thoughts turn to emotions, our emotions turn to feelings. These feelings manifest themselves in a physical sense. Think about how stress effect’s us (irritable bowel syndrome, headaches, shortness of break, nervous shakes) – we don’t realise it, but these are physical manifestations of what’s going on at an emotional & energy level in our bodies.   Many of us not realising that this is the cause of our illness, lack of energy or mild depression.   I could have gone through 2 years of therapy, several visits to a chiropractor, a handful of confessionals with a priest or many nights looking at the bottom of a bottle, and I still would not know the happiness, healing & internal peace I now have after Victoria’s process.  This is the natural way of healing, the way nature intended, without chemicals or continual sessions of antibiotics.   Since I have finished with Victoria I have seen real, tangible, physical changes. One year ago, I had been prescribed medication for high blood pressure. I was waking up with palpitations at 5 am every night with a racing heart. The medication helped some nights, but I was still affected by it & uncomfortable.  I no longer have to take high blood pressure medication, which is a miracle. I sleep soundly.  My severe IBS has disappeared, something which had plagued me with crippling pain for 5 years.   I have become less introverted and instantly more assertive in all situations.   These are just some of the positive physical effects. I am living in a perpetual state of happiness. That is what happens after Victoria’s process.  What Victoria has done for me, has changed my life. I had never considered holistic therapies before I visited Victoria. But now I can’t imagine going to the doctor, when someone as gifted as Victoria can heal me naturally.   Victoria is a gifted healer in many ways. I am recommending everyone I know.”
Emma Bowe



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