Happy New Year! There’s something in the air this new year….

I’m hearing a lot about it in mainstream media and I love that it’s going mainstream.  

It’s the call to replace the “New Year, New You” pressure with self-acceptance, kindness towards self and ditching the “I must be better, blah, blah” that goes on every new year. .

Imagine that – accepting and loving your body, life and health just as it is. 

It’s a wonderful movement towards being happy with who you are just as you are and being grateful for the basics. Like being alive, having a roof over your head, food on the table and the ability to choose to do something to nurture your own health and wellbeing and build a good life.  

Getting back to basics is about doing things that are life-affirming, that build your self-belief and do not complicate your life further.  

In my late 20’s I was very ill.  (It’s how I got into natural medicine.)  At one point I spent several months attending a daily wound clinic.   I sat in James Connolly hospital waiting to be seen by the amazing nurses that worked there.  I was in constant pain and it was mentally very tough.  

But every single day there was someone in that clinic that was worse than I was.  And I remember being grateful that I wasn’t that bad, that I could walk into the clinic, that I was getting help and I always believed my body would get better.  

That drove me to look for other ways to help my body heal and I found them in natural medicine which included “getting back to basics”. 

I learned that happiness, health and wellbeing are inner jobs and you are in the driving seat. You decide how you want to feel, what experience you want to have each day AND which inspired actions you WANT to take to learn, to grow so happiness and health flourish in your life.

Think of it this way…..

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Your body is a biological machine driven by thoughts and emotions. 

  1. You look after and maintain the machine.
  2. You give it the right fuel. 
  3. You make sure it’s YOUR thoughts and emotions that are in the driving seat and not someone else’s. 

D0 these 3 things and you will get to your destination and enjoy the ride along the way.

Getting into the driving seat, using the right fuel and employing basic maintenance will get you on the road.

Basic Maintenance

  1. Sleep
  2. Fun
  3. Movement

Moving your body every day, ideally in fresh air and in a way that you enjoy.  It can be complicated or not – as long as you move and enjoy it!  I highly recommend getting a steps counter (basic ones can be bought very cheaply and are just as good).  Then find fun ways to get to 10,000 steps a day.  Make it into a game and your inner child will love it. 

Have the craic, fun, laugh EVERY, SINGLE, DAY if possible.  I’m going to be controversial here and suggest social media.  I follow loads of comedy on social media and laugh loud and often at my phone.   

Sleep.  Go to bed and wake up at the same time even at the weekends.  Is your bedroom somewhere you can relax?  If not fix that.  Find a way of dealing with whatever keeps you up at night.

The Right Fuel

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  1. Water – a litre and a half to 2 litres a day
  2. Vegetables – keep it varied, colourful, in season and fill half your plate at every meal.  (unless your breakfast is porridge – spinach and porridge not good, that’s torture so go for fruit)
  3. Fibre – whole everything – everything as close to it’s natural state – Don’t juice your fruit, overcook your veg and do not eat anything white unless it’s cauliflower!! Whole grain all the way.

Get into the driving seat!

It’s time to ditch the resolution to be something someone else thinks you should be!! 

Smarter, slimer, richer, fitter, calmer, happier, enlighted, blah, blah, blah!!  All those should be’s that have you shoulding all over yourself.   

You decide.  What floats your boat? What causes you to learn and grow and be glad you are alive? 

And then go to it, do it and keep listening to your own voice.

Accept the bumps and detours on the road as part of the journey. 

With the right fuel, you in the driving seat and making sure to maintain and look after your body, heart and mind you can make this the year when life becomes a wonderful, adventurous journey to where ever you decide.  

Happy New Year again. 

With love,
Health and Wellbeing Naturally


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