Laughter is the best medicine! 

Yesterday I used it as a major antidote for myself and it reminded me of just how important it is for both our mental and physical health.

I think we overlook the benefits of just laughing, giggling and uncontrollable snorting!

This week highlighted just how much unnecessary negativity is out there and just how easy it is to be effected by it particularly if you are a highly sensitive person.

I got stressed and angry, getting cross with my husband, the rubbish bin, traffic, technology and our lovely little dog Lexi, who just wants to love us ALL of the time.

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I was majorly off balance without realising it from the news and social media. 

I love comedy, natural medicine, animals and environmental news and my social media feeds are mostly filled with these subjects.

Rather then come off social media as soon as I felt something or someone drain my energy I either unliked, unfollowed or muted for 30 days.
Now my feed is full of comedy video’s, cute animals and positive news and I’m feeling good.

Laughter really is the best medicine.   


So how can you bring more laughter into your life? 

How can you lighten your day? 


And I know there are days when you don’t have the energy or will to crack a smile.
And that’s ok.
Before you have time to think too much I want you to write down 5 things you can do to lift your spirits and bring more smiles and laughter into your life.

Some ideas:

  • Watch funny videos or shows online or on TV.  My Facebook feed is full of Lucille Ball,  Foil and Arms and The Dirt Birds.

  • Pay attention to what lowers or drains your energy and avoid it.

  • Start a gratitude practice.

  • Wear colours YOU love.

  • Only ever wear comfortable underwear. 😉

It’s just not possible to be happy and positive every single second.  It’s easy to feel tired and down every single second though. 

So you’ve got to practice your happy habits and find the things that make you laugh and smile and just do them regularly.

Your immune system, brain, heart and gut will thank you for it.

Laughter fills your body with positive chemistry and happy hormones and when you meet the negative crap you can easily send it’s on it’s way.

I hope this has been helpful and I’m going to include my all time favourite laugh out loud 2 minute video below to get you started.


Kind Regards
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